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Glass's Car Valuation Service

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Glass's valuations help traders and consumers research the values of second-hand vehicles. The company was launched in the early thirties by William Glass and is now one of the most respected in the motor industry.

Why? Because its prices are accurate and frequently updated according to four-million retail observations and more than one-million trade observations per-year.

Glass – in terms of non-motor trade customers – offers a two-tier online service that be accessed after a registration process. The free service enables the motorist to find a valuation based on the vehicle's registration number or by selecting its manufacturer, model, year, and trim level from a menu. The system then reveals the trade-in, private sale, and dealer retail values. These are typically presented within a range, e.g. private sale value £10,000 to £12,500. This service is relatively basic as it assumes that the car has a standard specification and average mileage. The latter is taken to be twelve thousand for the first three years of the car's life, followed by eight thousand for the following three then six thousand thereafter. The premium valuation, in contrast, is more complete. It therefore enables the motorist to modify the valuation based on mileage and extra features such as (say) satellite navigation. The price can also be adjusted for light damage. The premium service costs £3.95 for one car, £7 for three, and £15 buys access over twenty-four hours.

iPhone and Android Applications

Glass has a consumer focussed mobile service too. Its iPhone Application therefore enables motorists to research second-hand values on the move. This, of course, is invaluable for those who unexpectedly find potential buys. Pleasingly, this software provides both a premium and a free service (trade-in only). In contrast, the Android equivalent only offers the former. Furthermore, there is the Play Your Cars Right iPhone Application which encourages motorists to guess values based on a higher/lower format.

Trade Only Services

The Glass's Car Guide (1999 to 2012) is a trade-only magazine that is regularly used by ninety percent of professional sellers. As such – unlike some alternatives such as the Parkers Car Price Guide – it is not available in newsagents and supermarkets. Traders must therefore purchase it monthly via subscription. However, the more inventive members of the public have been known to acquire copies even though most professionals seem keen to protect their resource from prying eyes. This monthly publication covers more than fifty manufacturers so it relates to the vast majority of modern cars. Dealers can therefore accurately value everything from low cost superminis to high-performance racers. It also contains information such as: model descriptions, insurance group ratings, miles per-gallon, introduction dates, new costs, years of registration, and trade value movements, i.e. price change since last month. The dealer can therefore adjust the value of any stock that has been sitting for some time. These features complement the mileage adjustment tables which can radically alter prices. Glass also publishes a second-hand price guide for older cars that were registered from 1992 to 1998 - plus equivalents for caravans, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

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Free Car Valuation