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Parkers Guide Valuations

Parkers Car Price Guide Overview

Mazda 6

Parkers Car Price Guide helps motorists easily research the values of used cars. This, of course, is important to those who want to pay/receive fair market values.

The magazine started life in the early seventies and is now part of Bauer Media which is Europe's largest privately owned publishing group.

This enterprise therefore incorporates over three-hundred publications throughout fifteen countries. Parkers prices are updated monthly and based on thousands of transactions from forecourts, private vendors, and auctions throughout the UK. Prices relate to the most popular newer vehicles, with figures for each trim and engine combination rather than generic models. Motorists can therefore find the value of (say) a Ford Focus 1.6 LX Hatchback Automatic rather than simply a Ford Focus. Furthermore, Parkers Car Price Guide - which although respected by consumers is less favoured by some dealers - is easily available from newsagents and supermarkets such as Tesco and WHSmith for £5.99. This is a contrast to some guides that are for traders only. Alternatively, it can be bought via subscription for £65 per-year.

Parkers Car Price Guide Valuations

Parkers Car Price Guide reveals that vehicles have several values. Inevitably, the highest is the franchised dealer price which a customer pays a manufacturer branded specialist (main dealer). Next is the independent dealer cost which is lower. Why? Because theoretically the customer buys from less prestigious premises via a trader with less model specific knowledge. Next is the private good condition price as charged by a member of the public. This is lower than the franchise/independent prices as there is very little back-up. There is also a private poor condition price. Finally, the trade-in value is what a dealer pays for a car he/she plans to sell later. So, let us consider the Ford Focus 1.6 LX Hatchback Automatic (2006/06 plate). According to Parkers, the franchised dealer price is £2,960, the independent cost is £2,725, the private good condition value is £2,505, the private poor condition cost is £2,005 and the trade-in price is £2,260. These figures assume the vehicle has covered 70,000 miles and has a standard equipment specification. Parkers Car Price Guide also enables drivers to adjust for high/low mileage.

Parkers Car Prices Online, iPhone Application And SMS Service

Parkers prices are available online by selecting vehicle makes/models/trims from a list. There is no option to search by registration. This free service relates to cars from 2004 onwards - but those who want to adjust for mileage and extras require the premium service. Access costs £3.49 for twenty-four hours, £5.99 for seven days, and £9.99 for one month. Parkers also provide Car Information Packs that reveal standard equipment specifications, plus performance and handling characteristics, etc. Time limited access costs £1.99 to £9.99. Furthermore, Parkers Car Checklists highlight model specific issues that buyers should check. All for £3.49 to £9.99. This complements the Deal Checker Application which is compatible with Apple's iPhone. For £5.99, this helps motorists research values on the move. This application is also integrated with social media sites such as Facebook. Parkers offer an SMS service too. Simply text PRICE plus the registration and mileage to 80806. Texts cost £1.50 each plus the standard network rate.

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