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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque – which is not to be confused with – buys vehicles up to eight years old which have covered less than eighty-thousand miles. The process is straightforward. The seller's first step is to visit the company's website to source a free valuation.

The easiest route is to enter the vehicle's registration number which reveals its manufacturer, etc. This information, of course, comes courtesy of the DVLA's database. Alternatively, the seller can manually select the vehicle's manufacturer, model, and derivative from a list, e.g. Jaguar S-TYPE 2.5 V6 Sport Plus Saloon. He/she must then confirm the mileage. The system then requests more information such as the colour of the bodywork and the type of paint, e.g. metallic or solid. Factors such as: the number of owners, how many sets of keys it has, the service history, the length of the MOT and what it has been used for also play their parts, e.g. private commuting/taxi. The system might – depending on the vehicle's manufacture and model – also ask the seller to select from a list any factory-fitted extras that might increase the valuation such as (say) parking sensors and a top of the range music system.

Vehicle Condition Assessment

The seller must then reveal any imperfections such as stone chips, scratches and other marks. Again, this process is straightforward. He/she therefore selects – via a pictorial representation of a car – (say) the front bumper. The system then presents the seller with a list of faults to choose from such as accident damage and flaking paint. If necessary, this process can be repeated for the: wheels, windscreen, doors, lights, etc. The interior must be assessed too. The seller might therefore reveal that the driver's seat is worn, the dashboard is scuffed and the parcel shelf is missing. There is also a mechanical assessment that relates to the: engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, steering, brakes, clutch, etc. Once the vehicle condition report is complete the system presents its summary. This is the seller's opportunity to rectify any errors or oversights then proceed to the valuation. However – as with every used car valuation – the seller might benefit from cross-referencing it via an independent source such as Glass/Parkers.

Vehicle Collection And Company Profile

Assuming the seller accepts the offer he or she will be contacted by a company representative within one working day. The two parties then arrange a meeting at a location that suits the seller. This could be a home or work address, etc. On arrival, the representative will inspect the vehicle to confirm it matches the online description. If not, the financial offer might be reduced so it is in the seller's interest to be honest and thorough. The representative must also collect the vehicle's log book plus (if applicable) the service history file and MOT certificate. The funds will then be transferred electronically before the representative leaves. has been purchasing vehicles since 2005. It was founded by Noel Parkinson – an ex-footballer - and now has a multi-million pound turnover that has been boosted by high-profile television marketing. Furthermore, the company's website reveals that: “over ninety-nine percent of all customers surveyed stated they are happy to recommend”.

Free Car Valuation