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  • When you bought the car
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What is a settlement calculator?

It’s simple. You provide a few details of your hire purchase agreement and we’ll calculate your settlement figure. This figure will represent how much you still need to pay to end your agreement with the finance company. Armed with this information, you can make your next car buying decision.

Okay, what do I have to do?

Not a lot. We’ll take care of the complicated maths and calculations. Simply enter your reg and tell us your car as well as few details about your finance agreement, and we’ll calculate your settlement figure. It’s as a simple as that.

What details will I need?

You will need your car’s registration number, agreement duration (in months), amount borrowed and monthly repayment. You’ll not have a balloon on your hire purchase agreement so we don’t need that. If you do, you most probably have a Personal Contract Purchase agreement instead. You can find your PCP settlement figure here.

Why should I use and not someone else?

Well, first off, through our market leading car valuation tool, we’ve done well over 2,000,000 valuations (yes, that’s six zeros!). Finance agreements of all types can be a bit of minefield. We like to think we provide you with accurate and simple-to-understand figures of what you owe and what this actually means. Get started now.