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BMW Are Offering 24 Hour Test Drives on their Expansive X Range

Explore the X range from BMW and maybe take one out for the day?

What use is taking a car down the road, sitting in traffic, and then returning to the forecourt? A car that you’re likely to spend the next few years using every day in a range of different scenarios? None. The generic vehicle test drive is outdated, so BMW is now offering 24-hour test drives on loads of their cars, so you can get used to living with any model in their ever-popular X-range. Subject to status & Retailer availability. Participating Retailers only.

So, what’s on offer in SUV form?


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The X1 is a well-equipped SUV with similar proportions to the 1 Series hatchback only it’s on taller suspension with body styling to suit, and it is available with 4 wheel drive. The X1 is also more spacious than the 1 Series and boasts a bigger boot too. An excellent choice for people hoping to move up to an SUV without wanting something too big. Prices for the X1 start from £28,210


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The X2 is a standalone SUV because it doesn’t look anything like any other SUV on the market, which is rare. This isn’t quite a taller 2 Series, it’s more practical, more spacious and more sensible than the 2 Series but its unique character certainly makes it rather desirable. Prices for the X2 start from £27,950


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The X3 is back and it’s bigger and better than ever. It rivals the likes of the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-Pace, only it is more characterful than the Audi, great to drive like the Mercedes, more Affordable than the Porsche and (arguably) more desirable than the Jaguar. It’s the best selling car in BMW’s X range and it hits a real sweet-spot between size and price, with the list price starting from £39,870


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Bold, brave, muscular, round but mostly… divisive. The X4 stands out like a sore thumb, but in a good way, we think. The X4 rivals the more bohemian premium SUVs on the market, such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé and the Maserati Levante. It looks smart and sporty thanks to the sophisticated sloped roof, but it also looks imposing and beastly courtesy of its wide track and unmistakable front end. The X4 is on sale now and starts from £43,740


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The flagship X5 is the longest-serving of all the X-models and it also delivers the most agreeable and family-friendly package. It’s an incredibly safe car, loaded with kit to keep your precious cargo in good hands, and it also comes packed with an extremely high-end interior and futuristic gadgets. This is the most prestigious of all the SUV classes, though, and the X5 fends off attacks from the Mercedes GLE, Range Rover Sport and Audi Q7 by offering a sophisticated package which appeals to sensible buyers albeit with a healthy price tag. The X5 is on sale now from £57,495


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Last but certainly not least is the new BMW X6. Think of this as the sportier alternative to the X5, much like the X4 is to the X3. So at the cost of a little bit of practicality, you get an awful lot more performance and panache. The X6 is a real brute on the roads and boasts far more aggression than the X5 does, but it’s not cumbersome in the corners, in fact, it handles just like a hatchback. The X6 will also turn more heads on the high street than the X5 but you won’t be able to fit quite as much in the boot. The X6 starts from £62,235