posted 3 years ago

Hyundai Announce Their Pricing Lineup for the 2016 i20 Range

We've explained the changes to the Hyundai i20 range in terms of pricing, equipment, engines and models.

Looking for a supermini or compact-crossover in 2016? You'll do well to find one the performs better than the new Hyundai i20. We now know what to expect from the 2016 Hyundai i20 line-up, including the rugged Active crossover model. All prices are effective from 3rd March 2016.

Hyundai i20 Active crossover

The new compact-crossover from Hyundai will start at £15,225 and is a muscled-up version of the popular supermini, the i20. 

hyundai i20 Actiive Crossover

Protective skid plates at the front and back, as well as rugged wheel arches, are two of the main styling differences between the Active crossover and the supermini version, but most notably the car has been gifted an extra 20mm of ride height to assist with road clearance, managing speed bumps, mounting curbs and so on…

 The Active Crossover will feature a 99bhp 1.0litre turbocharged-engine which returns 58.9mpg and puts out a modest 110g/km of CO2

The i20 Hatchback

hyundai i20 hatchback

Out goes the 1.4-litre 100bhp engine in the i20 hatchback and in comes a new, turbo-charged 1.0 litre unit which has an increased fuel efficiency and reduced fuel emissions. The engine, which is the ‘T-GDi 100’ unit is only an extra £400 more than the engine which it replaced, these mode i20 start from £14,025 but the entry level 1.2 litre unit still starts at the incredibly affordable £10,995.

hyundai i20 T-GDi 100

DAB radio has also been added to the SE models and so too has a set of new 15-inch alloy wheels. All Nav models have been gifted a new TomTom Live system too