posted 2 months ago

New E-Scooter Trial: Tier Prepares To Launch In UK

Tier prepares to unleash its fleet of stylish, colorful, e-scooters in the United Kingdom

Tier Mobility’s zero emission, light green, electric scooters could soon be in cites throughout the United Kingdom if it wins tenders to participate in the Government’s trial rental scheme, the company hinted. For the first time, the trial will let you rent an e-scooter, use it on the road, and leave it for the next person at the end of your journey. The potential benefits include:

  • zero pollution (at the point of use)
  • cheaper than travelling by car
  • easy to manoeuvre through traffic
  • simple to park
  • fun to ride
  • easier to be socially distant than on public transport.

New E-Scooter Trial: Tier Prepares To Launch In UK

Tier Mobility currently operates its fleet of e-scooters in numerous cities in eight other countries. These are: France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Millions of rides have been completed in the company’s short life. Let us summarise how to ride your e-scooter. 

Tier’s app is the starting point. Simply download it from Google Play or the Apple Store. Now enter your name, payment details, and a few other facts to create an account. Next, find a scooter in close proximity via the app. Once you see it in the flesh, scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock it. To ride your e-scooter: 

  • put one foot on the board
  • use the other foot to push off and pick up speed
  • place both feet on the board
  • use the lever by your right hand to accelerate further
  • slow down via the lever by your left hand (or the foot brake)
  • press ‘end ride’ once your trip is complete. 

New E-Scooter Trial: Tier Prepares To Launch In UK

E-scooters insured

Furthermore, Tier has partnered with Zego – an insurance specialist – to ensure its electric scooters are insured if the company successfully expands its operation to the United Kingdom. 

Fred Jones, Tier UK Manager, said: ‘E-scooters offer huge environmental and mobility benefits for UK cities – but they need to be introduced in a way that makes everyone feel confident and safe, especially other road users. A big part of this will be ensuring that we and our riders are properly covered for accidents. Zego is a natural partner for Tier’, Mr Jones revealed.

Sten Saar, CEO and Co-founder of Zego, said: ‘E-scooters can play a major role in making cities greener and less congested, but they need to be insured in the right way that gives everyone peace of mind. We are very happy to be fulfilling the role’, Mr Saar added.