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The Commercial Vehicle Market Grows and Ford Lead the Lineup

Ford has 4 models featuring in the top 10 best selling commercial vehicles

While there are some foundations of the new-car market have been rumbling over the last 12 months, the commercial vehicle market has continued its positive expansion, up 5.9% in January. The number of new registrations for small and mid-sized vans has increased while pick-up trucks have fallen slightly out of favour. One thing is still as true as ever, Ford rules the roost. Here’s why…

Ford Ranger

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While the Pick-up truck might be an American concept, the Ranger is a car that has adapted really quite well to the British market. The Ranger was the 9th best selling LCV in January with a total of 1,034 units shited, which is impressive considering the number of registered pick-up trucks actually fell by a substantial 9.7%. The Ranger sells well because it is flexible in its functionality, from the single cab XL, which starts from just £22,361, there is sure to be a Ranger that is up to the task. There is a 2.0 litre and a 3.2-litre diesel to choose from, both of which offer plenty of torque and reasonable economy - with the 2.0 litre returning up to 37 mpg on a motorway run… not bad at all for a car of this size.

Ford Transit Connect

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The Transit Connect sits itself 4th in the list of the best selling commercial cars of 2020, with 1,364 units sold in January. Buyers will love that the Transit Connect comes with a reasonably sized 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel engine with 3 tiers of power output. This may not sound all that exciting, but a claimed mpg of 67.3 is certainly pleasing to van drivers and company owners. There is also a 1.0-litre petrol EcoBoost engine available which is ideal for van drivers who do inner-city driving typically carrying lighter loads.

The Transit Connect is on sale now and it’s one of the most accessible LCVs on the market with a starting price of just £16,575.

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Ford Transit

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The second best selling LCV on the market it right now is the good old Transit. The van of all vans. The people’s van. Ford sold 1,897 Transits in January, and it’s easy to see why. The new Transit has all the interior fittings and functionality of any regular Ford model, including high-tech infotainment and a lovely dashboard, but all of this is blended with rugged functionality. Ford has run with the tagline ‘Brains and Brawn’ and it’s easy to see why. The Transit has 15.1 cubic meres of load space in the back and it is capable of carrying objects over 3 metres long and weighing up to 2.1 tonnes. It’s certainly up to the job at hand. The Transit is the most expensive of Fords LCVs but its reasonably priced for its size with prices starting from £27,595.

Ford Transit Custom

The Commercial Vehicle Market Grows and Ford Lead the Lineup Image

And topping the list of LCVs is Fords Transit Custom, the mid-sized van that balances practicality with functionality perfectly. The Custom isn’t just the best selling car in the market, but in January alone Ford sold 3,117 models, putting it in the top spot and clear of second place by over 1,000 units. There is over 6.8 cubic metres of storage space in the back of a custom and the storage area is up to 3.4 metres long - which is enough for 3 standard-sized euro-pallets. Trailer sway control technology is available to keep yourself and other road users safe when towing and all models come with Fords impressive new SYNC 3 infotainment which features Live Traffic reporting and voice recognition.

The Transit Custom is mid-tier in size and mid-tier in price, with prices starting from £23,910 excluding VAT. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you or your company are in the market for a new workhorse, then look no further than the current range on offer from Ford. There is plenty to choose from and excellent offers available.

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