posted 4 years ago

What is the Infiniti Q30? 10 Things You Need to Know

We explore 10 of the most important things you need to know about Infiniti's premium hatchback, the Q30.

What is it?

The Q30 is a step into the unknown from Infiniti, as it is their first entrant into the Premium Hatchback segment. The Q30 sets itself up against big-sellers such as the Audi A3, Mercedes A Class, BMW 1 Series and VW Golf. The Q30 attempts to offer a more well rounded vehicle into the luxury hatchback segment, with a welcomed balance of comfort, performance and an exquisite interior.

infiniti q30 3


The most popular engine available in the Q30 will be the 1.5 dCi diesel engine, which is a very good unit that returns 170 bhp and pushes out a solid 350NM of Torque. This is the same engine you’ll find in the A Class as well as numerous Renault and Nissan cars too. There is also a 2.2 diesel model which has just shy of 180hp and a 2.0 turbo-petrol model, which is the hottest of the lot, offering 208hp.

The 1.5 dCi will give you a good 68mpg when driven sensibly and also costs just £20 a year to tax, under the current rates.

infiniti q30 2

Trim & Equipment?

The interior trim on the Q30 is fantastic, and on-par with all competitors. In the All Wheel Drive models, half leather/ half alcantara sports seats are provided free of charge and they are simply delightful on they eye and very comfortable. Infiniti include loads of safety tech as standard on the Q30 as well rear LED’s and automatic headlights. So the standard spec levels are, arguably, better than the rest in this market.

infiniti q30 1

Our favourite feature in the Q30 was the self-parking system, which worked flawlessly for us time and time again and operated seamlessly in tandem with the birds-eye-view 360 degree cameras, which are a real godsend when parallel parking and make curbed alloys a thing of the past!