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100% Jaguar Keeps Your 3+ Year Old Car At Its Best

100% Jaguar is a low cost, fixed price, service and maintenance initiative for your vehicle once it is 3 years old.

How 100% Jaguar benefits you and your vehicle

100% Jaguar is the cost effective, simple, and convenient service and maintenance initiative that keeps your vehicle in prime condition once it is 3 years old. At its core is a fixed price structure that incorporates your interim service, major service, and maintenance tasks such as replacing your vehicle’s brake discs.

This initiative has several advantages. For starters, low cost pricing eliminates any temptation to have your car maintained outside the manufacturer’s network now it is slightly older. That is significant. Jaguar knows your vehicle better than its competitors, after all. It designed, marketed and sold it.

Jaguar technicians also have brand specific training and only fit the manufacturer’s own parts to guarantee the best fit, compatibility, and performance. This no compromise work ethic ensures that your vehicle continues to thrill you and command respect on the road. Parts get a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

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Service your car for optimum performance

Among other things, the interim service requires the technician to replace the engine oil. New oil lubricates more effectively so it minimises wear. It is also better at cleaning and cooling the engine. The interim service costs £225 to £325 depending which car you bought. Pay £225 if you have an XF, for example (2007 to 2015).

The major service is more comprehensive. Expect a new air filter, for starters. Replacing the dirty, elderly air filter that is blocked by dust, twigs, and leaves ensures the engine has the air it needs to work at peak efficiency and make your pulse race. The major service costs £285 to £445 (depending on which vehicle you own).

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Safe and confident braking

To fully enjoy the open road, you need total confidence your vehicle stops safely however challenging the conditions. New 100% Jaguar pads and discs provide such confidence. Maybe your car requires new front pads, for instance. Prices range from £135 to £350. In contrast, front pads and discs combined cost £255 to £575.

Consider the brake fluid, too. Over time and mileage, it absorbs moisture which makes it more likely to boil if you brake hard and/or for a long time. It is then tricky to stop the car. New brake fluid is not contaminated so there is no such issue. 100% Jaguar ensures you can have new brake fluid for £65 (whatever car).

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No nasty surprises

100% Jaguar operates on a simple premise, the manufacturer explains. It is ‘without hidden dangers’ such as high prices and there are no ‘unexpected surprises’. 

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