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Mercedes-Benz Express Service Gets You Back on the Road in 1 Hour

Mercedes Express 1 hour service for busy drivers - plus how you can spread the cost of servicing via monthly payments

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Mercedes-Benz Express Service is the quick, convenient, and reliable means to get your car back on the road in only 1 hour. It is handy if you only have a brief gap between meetings, for instance. As such, 2 technicians simultaneously service your vehicle while you relax in the manufacturer’s comfortable showroom.

Service A or Service B

Mercedes-Benz can confirm what type of service your vehicle requires to ensure it continues to work at its best. Influencing factors include age and mileage. Perhaps Service A is most suitable, for example. The technicians – in only an hour – therefore complete a wide range of tasks such as replacing the engine oil. New oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates.

Alternatively, Service B might be more suitable. This takes a couple of hours as the technicians complete additional tasks. The car is washed, for example. Clean windows and lights improve visibility which makes motoring safer and more enjoyable. Naturally, the vehicle also looks more impressive once it is clean.

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Mercedes-Benz Service Care

Mercedes-Benz Service Care enables you to pay for servicing via regular, low cost, monthly instalments rather than larger lump sums. This makes it easier to plan your finances. The instalments include parts, labour, and additionally required items such as brake fluid, screen wash, and filters. Prices start at £29 a month.

However, the price you pay is defined by the type of vehicle, its age, and how many miles you cover a year. Maybe you have a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, for example. Perhaps, in addition, it is less than a year old and you drive between 0 - 15,500 miles annually. If so, your plan costs from £32 a month (over 2/3 years).

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Why trust Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz is best placed to service your vehicle as it created and sold it. Furthermore, the technicians have brand specific training, brand specific tools, and only install manufacturer components and high quality consumables. High performance engine oil, for example. Such work is important as it ensures the vehicle:

  • Feels at its best on the road
  • Works efficiently
  • Retains more of its resale value
  • Is safe
  • Is supported by documentation that verifies the mileage

Book online

Mercedes-Benz makes it easy to book a service online. To get started, see the top of the page to simply enter your vehicle’s registration number (or identification number) and its mileage. This helps the manufacturer confirm what type of vehicle you own and the location of your nearest retailer. You can pay for the service online or on the day.

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