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New 100% Land Rover Fixed Price Servicing for Vehicles 3 Years +

Benefits, costs, and features of 100% Land Rover Fixed Price Servicing for vehicles aged 3 years +

100% Land Rover explained

New 100% Land Rover Fixed Price Servicing is the simple, cost effective, means to keep your vehicle ready for adventure. Its purpose is to ensure it is dependable, safe, and continues to command respect from its third year on the road. Servicing is something to ‘leave to us not chance’, the manufacturer emphasises.

Benefits of servicing

Servicing is an investment in your vehicle rather than a cost. It minimises wear and tear, for starters. Consider engine oil. Its purpose is to lubricate, clean, and cool core components but mileage makes it dirty and less effective. On this basis, it is important to replace the oil and filter at the suggested intervals.

Brake fluid is critical, too. Its purpose is to transfer energy throughout the system so the vehicle stops safely, smoothly, and confidently whatever the terrain. However, over time it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere which makes it more likely to overheat. Stopping distances might then rise significantly, so brake fluid has to be replaced periodically. Land Rover knows how.

New 100% Land Rover Fixed Price Servicing also maximises your vehicle’s resale value. It is obvious why. A properly serviced, properly cared for, vehicle is in better condition than unloved counterparts. It is therefore worth a premium and you are the person that benefits. The vehicle is also more likely to sell fast.

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Why Land Rover?

Land Rover is best placed to service your vehicle as it designed, built, and sold it. Furthermore, technicians have brand specific training, brand specific tools, and only fit genuine parts rather than inferior equivalents. All parts have a 2 year warranty. These benefits ensure your vehicle is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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Servicing costs

A 100% Land Rover Interim Service costs £275 to £415. The precise cost is defined by what vehicle you have. The Defender 2.4D is at the bottom of the scale, for example (2007 to 2011). The Range Rover 5.0 V8 SC Petrol is at the top (2014 onwards). A Major Service is more extensive so costs a bit more. Expect £390 to £545.

Land Rover also has fixed prices if your vehicle needs more than a service before its next mission. Example tasks and prices include:

  • Front pads: £145 to £305
  • Front pads and discs: £255 to £575
  • Rear pads: £125 to £225
  • Rear pads and discs: £295 to £395
  • Cambelt: £395 to £785
  • Brake fluid: £75 to £125
  • Windscreen wipers: £45