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Paying Too Much For Your MOT?

Motorists can save themselves a noticeable amount of money by being a bit more selective when deciding which MOT centre to use.

Save Money On Your MOT Test

Motorists can save themselves a noticeable amount of money by being a bit more selective when deciding which MOT centre to use. The maximum cost – as defined by law – is £54.85 for a car with up to 8 passenger seats. On the other hand, there is no minimum amount that an MOT centre can charge, so accordingly prices can be driven down as garages try to offer the best value for money - which is great news for the consumer. 

There are in excess of 22,000 authorised MOT test centres in the UK and have found there are vast differences in the amounts being charged for an MOT, so the power is in the hands of the consumer. Auto-centres offer a friendly, affordable experience for customers who may be apprehensive of higher costs at manufacturer dealerships. Halfords and Kwik-Fit are two leading autocentres which have a huge network of locations nationwide, charging £29.95 and £30 respectively for an MOT test. Saving consumers roughly £25 against the maximum legal amount chargeable. 

Combining MOT and Servicing

Manufacturer-dealerships can offer a cut-price MOT to consumers saving them a significant sum when combined with a routine service and inspection. It is recommended that most cars are serviced annually, similarly to how all cars must obtain a fresh MOT annually (the latter being when the car is 3 years old or above) so combining the two will not only save the consumer money but also save time as well. These offers are usually available from dealerships which will provide a manufacturer-stamp in the vehicles service book, increasing the residual value of your car.

Items Covered By The MOT

The test station has to check a wide range of components without disassembling the vehicle. The bodywork, for example, must be free of excessive corrosion, notable damage to specific parts, and sharp edges that are likely to injure people. The exhaust must be complete, secure, free of serious leaks and not excessively noisy. Emissions must not exceed a specific level based on the vehicle's age. 

Other checks relate to the: brakes, fuel system, tow bar, seatbelts, seats, warning lights, horn, doors, hinges, mirrors, tailgate, tyres, wheels, bonnet catch, washers, steering, suspension, wiring, battery and the vehicle identification number.

Prepare For The MOT

A motorist can maximise the chance of passing by checking a few basic components. These include the: windscreen (no cracks or serious stone chips), wiper blades (must work effectively), lights (bulbs operating) and registration plates (legal format and clear). Tyres must have no significant damage plus at least 1.6mm of tread across the central 75% of the width, and around the circumference.

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Having learned the hard and expensive way that garage MOT stations find alot of unnecessary and costly work, I have taken my car to MOT only stations for years and never been failed once. If you do get failed they retest you for free after you get the problem sorte d.

I stay well clear of Halfords and Kwik Fit,these so called low prices are to get you in and the next thing you know your bank balance has took a right thumping,as I've been hit by both.First experience Halfords took car there for a service, mechanic said that I needed a new oil sump cover as corrosion had set in on the cover around the sump plug and the cover would tear if he tried to remove the plug. I gave him the go ahead to replace the sump at a cost,but told him that I wanted the old sump back with the plug still in.Took sump to a local garage and explained to a mechanical the situation, he removed the plug with no issues whatsoever and said the sump was okay,and it did not need replacing.As for Kwik Fit,discs 2 tyres,brake pads,hand brake cable,and 2 brake cylinders that was for a pre MOT (that's going back a few years) Took it to another garage failed on seized rear brake linkage one rear wheel cost £20 plus MOT certificate for another year.So experience speaks.

I have a 3 year old Focus purchased new from Evans Halshaw and serviced each year up to MOT which it failed as they said headlights where to low previous services had received a green light when checked and then charged me £10 to reset very strange motto Don't use Evans Halshaw for service or MOT

I would never ever trust the above two with ANY job on my car.I use an independent garage for annual service then take it to another independent MOT station and it flies through with comments like "That is a well maintained and clean car"

I have always used my local Formula1 branch - book it on line and also via a cash back site to get an even better deal, as well as a free 10 point winter check. They have never tried to pull the wool over my eyes, in fact quite the opposite and have always offered good advice.

The biggest and longest running government sponsored con ever, the MOT only lasts for the day its issued, what a rip off.

I had the same costly experience with a Halfords 'special', which cost me over £100 more than the advertised £30 odd, thanks to headlight adjustment, exhaust + tyre replacement, which strangely hadn't needed attention the previous year (less than 2000 miles before)! Seems like a 'nice business to do people with', for a while!

I agree Dave, took my car a few years ago to a local chain and couldn't believe that there could be so much wrong with it. Instead of leaving it for repair I took the option of payng for the MOT and taking it away for repair. Took it straight to the local garage round the corner where he put the seatbelt right and it passed. Friend then took hers considerably newer car to the same chain and they did the same thing to her, she now goes to the same one round the corner. No special offers just straight talking and gets on with it. The first chain seemed to have a 'female must be thick' attitude. Needless to say this was 15 years ago and we are both still going to the same 'garage round the corner'.

Even when you take a brand new car to the above mentioned garages, they will find fault and charge you another £50-70. So have to be very careful with the low price MOT centres!

I always use my local Council facility - full price but no temptation to find fault - as not tied to any repair facility.

I did try Kwik-Fit,once,for an MOT renewal.They offest the initial lower charge by finding one headlamp a few(and I mean a few!)degrees out and then charging £30(plus Vat)to adjust.I take my car to a trusted local garage whose reputation(and local customer base) would be damaged by such practices-not so the big chains.