posted 2 years ago

Ford Winter Check For 2017 Keeps Vehicles Safe And Reliable

Winter Check benefits, components that receive care, the price, winter accessory special offers and how to book.

What Ford Winter Check includes

The Ford Winter Check is a comprehensive, 30-point, package which ensures that a vehicle is fully prepared for any inclement weather. The technician – who has access to manufacturer-specific tools and training – take steps to optimise performance, make driving safer and minimise the risk of a weather related breakdown.

The Winter Check involves a thorough inspection of the condition of the: battery alternator, exhaust, tyres (including pressures), steering, suspension, cooling system, brakes, windscreen wiper blades, rear wiper blade and exterior lights. If necessary the: engine oil, anti-freeze, windscreen washer and brake fluid are checked.

If in addition to such efforts the car requires a repair the technician recommends a course of action. The front brake pads/discs might be towards the end of their life, for example. If separate work is required the manufacturer fits its own, high quality, parts to guarantee the best performance and compatibility.

The Ford Winter Check costs RRP £19,99, is available at participating authorised dealers nationwide and can be booked online. The starting point is to visit the manufacturer's website – at – then select a favoured vehicle such as Ka, Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, B-MAX, C-MAX, Grand C-MAX, S-MAX, Kuga, Edge or a Galaxy. Ford vans are catered for, too.

The Winter Check complements weather related special offers for 2017. Highlights include new wiper blades from RRP £10 which includes labour and VAT. Compared to worn equivalents new blades improve visibility by clearing water more effectively. They also tend to cause fewer smears, be less prone to vibration and quieter.

Winter accessory offers

The Protection Pack costs from £99 and includes rubber mats and a boot liner. Its purpose – as is important in the winter – is to prevent mud, rain and snow damaging the carpets. The Protection Pack Plus, in contrast, costs from £189 and adds mud flaps to minimise how much potentially damaging debris strikes the bodywork.

The Bike or Ski Pack costs from £239. It incorporates roof mounted cross bars, plus a Thule 591 Bike Carrier or a Thule 727 Ski Carrier Deluxe. The Pack enables the vehicle to safely, conveniently and legally transport equipment that otherwise occupies cabin space that might be required by winter sports lovers. 

About Ford

In the United Kingdom, Ford is the most successful motor manufacturer thanks to its expansive range of capable, refined and reliable vehicles. In 2016, it registered 318,316 new cars which far eclipsed its nearest competitor. The Fiesta was the nation's best seller – once again – and the Ford Focus was the third best seller.