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Mini TLC Service Pack to Keep Your Car at Its Best

MINI TLC features, benefits, and price as the manufacturer makes it easy to maintain your car to the highest standard

Benefits of servicing

MINI TLC is a comprehensive service pack that guarantees your vehicle gets the maintenance required to be safe, efficient, and fun to drive for 3 years/36,000 miles. Such maintenance also maximises its resale value as experienced, selective, drivers pay a premium for comprehensive service history.

Furthermore, it can be cost effective and convenient to rely on this affordable, long term, service pack rather than pay for maintenance piece by piece as it is required. The benefits include:

  • Single, inflation proof, payment that protects you long term against inflationary rises which increase the cost of motoring
  • No need to forgo servicing if money is tight in the future
  • MINI TLC can be transferred with the vehicle if you sell it which might make it easier to find a serious, committed, buyer
  • Low £299 price tag

What MINI TLC covers

MINI TLC includes any parts, labour and lubricants your vehicle needs to work at its best. Example tasks and benefits follow below.

Replace engine oil
Helps the engine remain lubricated, cool and clean
Replace oil filter
Ensures contaminants in the oil cannot circulate through the engine
Replace air filter
Prevents airborne debris entering the engine
Replace fuel filter (diesel only)
Stops contaminants within the fuel getting into the engine
Replace spark plugs (petrol only)
Helps the engine work smoothly
Replace micro filter
Cleans the air you breathe before it enters the cabin

MINI, furthermore, is best placed to care for your beloved vehicle as it designed, built then sold it. Such expertise cannot be replicated via an independent, general, garage that services any make and model. Further reasons to trust your manufacturer include:

  • Technicians have extensive, brand specific, training
  • Technicians have brand specific tools and diagnostic equipment
  • MINI only fits its own parts rather than inferior replicas which guarantees the best fit, performance, and compatibility
  • This MINI specific, verifiable, service history proves that your vehicle has been maintained to the highest standard

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MOT Protect is part of the service pack, too. If, therefore, your vehicle fails its first inspection the manufacturer fixes a wide range of imperfections ‘completely free’ and ‘promptly’, it explains. These include steering, suspension and lighting problems.

Check if your car is covered

The MINI website reveals whether your vehicle has the aforementioned service pack or, perhaps, another that lasts even longer. MINI TLC 5 Year/50,000 miles or TLC XL, perhaps. Simply enter your car’s registration and mileage for instant confirmation.