posted 5 months ago

New Ford Discount Code Cuts Cost of Servicing in 2020

Ford slashes the price of servicing your vehicle via its new, easy to use discount code for 2020

Ford service save £30

Good news! A Ford Scheduled or Motorcraft Service now costs less thanks to a discount code that cuts the cost of keeping your car safe, reliable, and ready for action. To take advantage, simply book your service online and enter code ‘JAN30’. You then save £30.

New Ford Discount Code Cuts Cost of Servicing in 2020 Image

Why service a car?

This poses a question: why bother with servicing? The answer is that your car is mechanically complicated and it has to be maintained to work properly. Its parts have to work in perfect harmony if it is to complement your busy, active lifestyle that is full of variety. For example, perhaps the vehicle has to cope with:

  • busy towns, e.g. as you meet friends for coffee (and to shop)
  • fast motorways, e.g. as you drive to important meetings
  • scenic lanes, e.g. as you explore the countryside with family
  • extreme weather, e.g. snow, ice, rain, burning sun, wind
  • heavy loads, e.g. as you help friends move to a new house

New Ford Discount Code Cuts Cost of Servicing in 2020 Image

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Trust Ford

Whatever the scenario, you have to know your car is up to such tasks to feel confident and calm on the road. Such feelings come from knowing it has been serviced by a specialist. Ford is best placed to service your car as it conceived, designed, and built it.

As such, your technician has brand specific training, tools, and expertise to guarantee your vehicle gets the best care. Common service tasks include replacing the engine oil. Why? Because new oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates critical components to keep the engine running smoothly and extend its life. 

If necessary, your technician also tops-up other fluids to keep your vehicle working at its best. Consider coolant, for example. If the engine is low on coolant it might overheat, breakdown, and sustain significant damage that costs a fortune to repair. The vehicle might also need washer fluid to help clean your windscreen.

Furthermore, your vehicle might require a new air filter to stop dirt, dust, and other debris entering the engine. Why? Because an old, dirty filter restricts airflow which makes the engine work harder. This, in turn, can increase fuel consumption, carbon emissions – and how much you spend on fuel. Your Ford service also:

  • enables your technician to spot (and repair) minor imperfections before they become serious and cause a breakdown
  • maximises the vehicle’s resale value as it creates a paper trail that proves it has been cared for by professionals
  • is particularly good value for money thanks to the discount code (JAN30). Book online today.

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