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Registering a Vehicle

Registering a Vehicle

The registration process varies according to whether the vehicle is new or used.

Registering a Vehicle
The registration process varies according to whether the vehicle is new or used. New machinery is normally registered by the supplier, then the DVLA's V5C registration certificate is sent to the keeper. Note 'keeper' - not 'owner'. Used vehicles have 'one' of several registration forms. The variety exists as the paperwork has evolved over time.

Let us consider the old-style 'two-part' V5 registration document. At the point of sale this needs to be separated into two sections. The new keeper receives the top half, then completes the form on its reverse. The current keeper enters the required information on the back of the lower part. Both sections must be returned to the DVLA immediately.

The process is different for the 'three-part' V5 registration document. The seller completes the blue section at the top of the certificate. Both parties then sign the declaration - and the buyer receives the completed V5/2 green section. The seller then sends their remaining paperwork to the DVLA. Failure to comply can result in a financial penalty.

The final option is the up-to-date V5C. The seller completes section six 'new keeper or new name/address'. Buyer and seller then sign the declaration in section eight. The buyer receives the completed V5C/2 section. Once again, it is the seller's responsibility to send their paperwork to the DVLA. The new keeper then receives their V5C within four weeks.

By Stephen Turvil,

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